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Home Security Tips by Darryn Moulding PCSO C6599

Good afternoon,

In respect of the recent AGM I was asked to convey some useful tips for home and personal security.

Please find below some useful general tips and a link to the Thames valley alert scheme which give useful information about what is going on in your area.

Home Security.

  1. Windows: keep them locked when out and remove the keys, keep them out of sight but everyone should know where they are in case of emergency.
  2. Doors: Ask for a spy hole or door chain to be fitted this will allow you to talk to the caller if you are unsure of their identity or motive.
  3. Distraction burglary:
  4. LOCK: Keep your front and back doors locked even if you are at home.

b. STOP: Before you answer stop and think if you are expecting anyone and if you are unsure then ask for ID to be shown and phone the company before letting them in.

c. CHAIN: If you have a door chain then use it.

d. If you leave the house or go on holiday then leave a light on or on a timer and inform relatives or close friends to keep an eye on the property.

I am happy to do security assessments for anyone in the area and this is free of course and may go some way in giving some reassurance.

Also the link for Thames Valley alerts is:

Hope this helps and please feel free to email me with any issues that your readers may have.

Best regards,

Darryn Moulding PCSO C6599